Three Reasons Why I Support Rep. Bob Trammell


Three Reasons Why I Support Rep. Bob Trammell


I first met Georgia House Minority Leader Bob Trammell last summer after declaring my candidacy for GA HD 71 in the Special Election to replace Rep. David Stover (R-Sharpsburg). I was a newbie to politics, but Bob stood behind me and offered his unwavering support. Bob is now being challenged in the Democratic primary for HD 132. Here are three reasons why we need to keep Leader Trammell in the Georgia State House:

1. Bob Trammell is a champion for Medicaid expansion.

In fact, Bob has urged Gov. Brian Kemp to use his increased public health emergency powers due to the current Covid-19 crisis to expand Medicaid under the Affordable Care Act, which would extend health care coverage to approximately a half million Georgians. If the governor chooses not to, Bob has called on his colleagues in the General Assembly to expand access when they reconvene this summer.

2. Bob Trammell defends our environment (and public health).

Bob heeded the call from Georgians concerned about toxic chemicals from coal ash leaching into Georgia’s water supply. Coal ash is the residue left behind after burning coal to fuel power plants, and can contain lead, mercury, and arsenic. Much of Georgia’s coal ash is stored in ponds around coal-fired power plants owned by Georgia Power, such as Plant Yates located along the Chattahoochee River in Coweta County. Bob was a primary sponsor on HB 756 which would require coal ash to be excavated and moved into lined landfills.  

3. Bob Trammell supports our public schools.  

Bob co-sponsored HB1106, “Unlocking the Promise Whole Child Model Schools Act,” which would establish a program to provide whole child model school certification to schools that successfully implement a sustainable whole child model school plan developed in consultation with community partners to promote and ensure effective coordination of wraparound services.     


With House Minority Leader Bob Trammell and Democratic candidate Fred Rovsner (HD 72).

Rep. Bob Trammell has consistently supported expanding health care coverage for Georgians, fought to protect our natural resources and safeguard human health, and worked to strengthen our public schools. He’s been a leader willing to work with Republicans when there’s common ground, but refuses to capitulate when it comes to legislation that could hurt Georgians. That’s why I whole-heartedly support the re-election of House Minority Leader, Rep. Bob Trammell for HD 132.  

Check the Georgia My Voter Page to find out if you live in HD 132.  Fill out the “MVP Login” on right side of page and click Submit.      

District Map   (Includes parts of Newnan, Hogansville, Grantville, Luthersville, Lone Oak, Haralson, Mountville, and LaGrange.)

If you live in HD 132 and want to vote for Bob Trammell, request a Democratic ballot at the polls for the June 9, 2020 primary; or, request a vote-by-mail ballot by May 19.